Add an admin to your group conversation in Workplace Chat

If you're an admin of a group conversation in Workplace Chat, you can add other admins. To add someone as an admin of your group conversation in Workplace Chat:
  1. From Chats, open the group conversation.
  2. To the right, hover over the person you'd like to add and click More.
  3. Select Make admin, then click Make admin to confirm.
Chats without an admin
If a Workplace Chat's admin leaves the chat without nominating a replacement, the most tenured chat member automatically becomes the admin.
If you are in a group chat where the admin has had their Workplace account deactivated, any current member of the chat can make themselves an admin by clicking Make Admin next to their name in the chat membership list. Once the first user claims this role, other chat members will no longer be able to make themselves an admin.
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