What is Workplace?

Workplace is a business communication tool that helps organizations stay connected.
Workplace has many familiar features from Facebook, but Workplace and Facebook accounts are separate.

Workplace Chat

Workplace Chat offers instant messaging, either to one person or a group.
You can also use formatting to highlight important text, and create a Room for an audio or video call.
Find out everything you can do with Workplace Chat.

Workplace Chat app

The Workplace Chat app is available on Android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac.

Your Profile

You can personalize your Workplace profile by adding skills, changing your name, adding a profile picture, and more.


Workplace groups can help you collaborate with your coworkers.
Purple tickHow to create a Workplace group
Purple tickHow to join or leave a Workplace group
Purple tickWhich features are available in Workplace groups
Purple tickHow to manage a Workplace group as a group admin
Purple tickHow to set up multi-company groups to collaborate with people outside of your organization’s Workplace


You can write and share posts on your profile or in Workplace groups.
You can also comment on your coworkers’ posts, delete or edit comments, and turn off comments for your posts.
Find out everything you need to know about Workplace posts.

Video and Workplace Live

You can also create live video content for your coworkers to stream.


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